Midweek Music: Deep End

……..And i’m back.

Yeah pretty low-key melodramatic, it’s nice to be back into my weekly blogging therapy. If you are new to my humble blog, firstly welcome to my photo haven and secondly my blog is re-starting, (that the “Why” behind the first sentence in this post). Took a very, very….very long break and i think the track for today’s post is just perfect.

Side Note: Lagos is pretty quiet today, the wind feels quieter. Today Nigeria lost to Argentina (old football rivals) and officially dropped out of the 2018 Russia World Cup….LOL. So yeah it’s a great day to Blog 🙂 .
I’m dilly-dallying but anyway below is some info on the Artist/Duo Kream with the track titled Deep End. 

Kream, is a Norwegian DJ duo consisting of brothers. Discovered this EDM track on Youtube from a fav channel GalaxyMusic .

Title: Deep End
Artist: KREAM
Genre: EDM

Image Credit : Shazam

What are your thoughts?

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