WPC: Jobs are Temporary

My Attita Desk by rubys polaroid
What???  *exaggerated shock face* That has got to be some silly idea I came up with as a millennial. (I imagine that’s what flashed through your head when you read the title.)
….In all honesty really think about that title again………thought about it? Sadly that’s the truth.
You’ll never be at one job all the days of your breathing life, no job or position or title or place (yes,  places evolve over time) is permanent. We grow and change, our needs grow and change. So we have to decide what do we want out of that place/job? and make sure we get it when it’s time to leave, and that’s how I choose to interpret this week’s WPC theme: Temporary.
Above is a picture of my old desk,  in the span of a few days I changed desks and time and place. Same me but now with a different desk.
 In what way have you exchanged something or somewhere old for a new one, share in the comments.
Have a lovely week ahead
Here’s a link to the WPC post to see more entries.

3 thoughts on “WPC: Jobs are Temporary

  1. When I Iook at that very good photograph and think of you leaving, the sad title “Ruby Unplugged” comes to mind. Unfortunately, commitments to helping others as much as possible and dedications to meeting our responsibilities are of little or no interest to some others. Is this becoming a world of emotional zombies, a world of people with souls worth less than raw materials and whatever those elements can be turned into? (Answer that question in twenty-five words or less, the assignment is due tomorrow. Penmanship will contribute to your grade; only goose quill and ink are to be used.)

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    1. “Is this becoming a world of emotional zombies?” and the answer is yes.
      What made us humans before meant an emphatic soul with justice and hardwork mixed in, now it’s how many possessions we own and that ties into my above title.
      No position is permanent so help those you can without greed involved because you don’t know if the person you helped today sits in your position tomorrow and it’s your turn to be helped.

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      1. Because of the brilliance of the homework just turned in and the speed with which it was done, I will overlook your use of more than twenty-five words and not using the goose quill pen and ink and vice you an A plus. Head of the class, no having to clean the blackboard for one month. (I am giving away my age.)


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