Natural Monday: Sunset Satisfaction

Blue, Blue Skies by rubys polaroid

Satisfaction is such a wide term cause it means so many things to different people but i’ll narrow my answer down to my daily inspiration and passion: PHOTOGRAPHY.
There are a dime and dozen photographers all over but the most important thing to any endeavor is the happiness and contentment you feel when you take a picture that takes your own breath away and that’s how i feel when i happen to catch a beautiful sunset. They happen everyday (well almost everyday…some days the clouds are really grey and angry -_-) ) but they are never the same. The sun sets in a different place everyday and the clouds will never be in the same place as yesterday.

That’s my own take on the WordPress Photo Challenge for this week. What gives you your daily/weekly dose of satisfaction?



5 thoughts on “Natural Monday: Sunset Satisfaction

  1. These days satisfaction arises from finishing a poem after a long wrestling with the words or finding a good photo out of the 100 I took.There is also that satisfaction the arises from engaging other people’s art, whatever its form, from people whose work shows their own satisfaction in their craft. I would add there is a satisfaction from being able to “let go” of each satisfaction that surfaces, for all things are transitory and to try to grasp and hold tight a feeling of satisfaction is a futile endeavor.

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    1. I write as well when i can snatch a few moments of peace, and it is satisfying to see your words come to life 🙂 . A good thing you pointed out, ‘the satisfaction of knowing how to let go” that’s pretty hard to learn for alot of people but it’s really important as we all know life moves on and so we should learn to grow and change as well.

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      1. I would just add that I am struggle mightily with the “letting go”, so it is a satisfaction that i don’t get too much expereiene with. While enduring the rough patches of life, I tend to grasp when satisfaction arises.


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