Midweek Music: Busy Earnin’

Hi guys ,

It’s a rainy cold, wet and totally mushy everywhere Wednesday *sigh*, so today i’m doing Funk. Yup, some good tunes to rock the cold and gloom away 😀 and it’s also part of the FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game).

Title: Busy Earnin’
Artist: Jungle
Genre: Funk

P.S – Next Wednesday is the last leg of my chilling game Indie OST series, see you next week Wednesday 🙂

Image Credit : genius.com


3 thoughts on “Midweek Music: Busy Earnin’

  1. Rainy, cold, wet … Here it is sunny, HOT, dry … Hot here means 82 F, 28 C. Remember, rainy means beautiful green landscapes to photograph. Sometimes, my glass is half empty, sometimes half full. And sometimes, no matter how much or little is in it, not potable.

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    1. I get that nature must take it’s due course but it’s been raining buckets for 7 days straight…Yup, 7 days. Right now it’s starting to look like the movie Noah, with people now boating and Kayaking in the streets…LMAO


      1. Sorry, that is much to much. We get (had downpours recently) in the states, but not here. If it gets cold, our snow turns white. A very flexible rule, an inch of rain can give us a foot of snow. Be careful. I trust you can swim.

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