WPC: Transient Nature

The nature of man is fleeting, a more complicated expression is Transient. This is even more glaring in a culture that scorns history in all it’s form. Once a person or object no longer has immediate importance it is discarded. During the recent historical tour of Open House Lagos 2017, i went for the tour of The Railway compound Ebute Metta, Lagos.

This area is a trove of historical buildings and gems,  one of which is featured in the images above. In an abandoned train shed sits the very train Queen Elizabeth the Second and her husband Prince Philip used for a trip to Ibadan from Lagos during her tour of Nigeria in 1956. It’s now a blackened, decaying husk with graffiti all over, a shadow of itself after years of active duty.


P.S – For photos from that Tour visit this link -> TheNETng looks back at Queen Elizabeth’s 1956 tour of Nigeria


4 thoughts on “WPC: Transient Nature

  1. Nigeria, too. That is how it is here in the US – if it’s not in use, its of no use and quickly allowed to fall into disrepair, eventually being bulldozed over for something with far less character and of lesser quality. Sad. Great photo and excellent interpretation.

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    1. “If it’s not in use, it’s of no use” – The perfect phase for the sad case of historical objects and yes newer, shinier less quality things replace them. Only when they are totally lost is a fickle memorial erected, of which that also gets abandoned.
      Thanks for stopping by 😀 .

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