Trailing Lights by rubys polaroid

WPC: The Road Taken

The Road Less Taken was the first thought in mind on seeing the WPC topic, but sometimes it can mean looking at familiar things in a different light.
Took this after a storm had passed, it’s a normal street from eye-level but from this angle it looks like so much more.

Check the link to see other cool entries. WPC: The Road Taken



  1. I love how details we might miss everyday can take on so much more meaning and interest merely by photographing them up close and personal. 🙂

    You’re quite right – definitely worth it.



  2. Can look at that great picture a long time. Simple, well composed, and it presents questions. Time of day, dawn or evening. Mix of daylight and streetlight. Why are people not travelling on that road, fear of the unknown, or nobody is interested in where it will lead? And, most important of all, did you get wet lying on the ground to take that picture? If so, what did you tell your boss and fellow workers when showing up for work that day? Inquiring minds want to know! At least, I do, but some of theme questions will never be answered, thus maintaining interest in the picture.

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    1. So let me answer in order of question 🙂 . 1. it was in the evening after the rains, 2. its a road within an housing estate that’s why its empty and 3. i did get my feet wet 😀 but it was well worth it


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