Bouncing Castle Fun 3 by rubys polaroid

WPC: Climbing Against The Odds

How do you uplift a sunken mind?
        .  .  .  . You extend a helping hand.
This week the expression for the WordPress Photo Challenge is – Against The Odds. That says alot and can mean so many things but my interpretation for this comes from the innocent play of children.
Miniature People, no less as tyrannical, hopeful and beautiful as their grown versions but what keeps them worlds apart from the adults is their unfettered words and expressions. They haven’t been coloured cynical and un-trusting yet and so they are the closest to what we were truly supposed to be.

This little act of extending a hand to someone who has given hope is clearly displayed, she even went a step further to show the way how, if only everyone could be helpful of any dejected soul without wanting something in return.

WPC: Against The Odds


What are your thoughts?

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