Midweek Music: Neon

The first Wednesday of 2017….WOOHOO 🙂 ,Happy New Year and welcome to another great chill music post. I’m just getting into the high spirits, been a lil down for awhile i guess you could say its all the mental tension of having extended family around. . .lol.

Any-who without further ado lets jump into the music for today, I discovered this chill DownTempo song as i browsed IndieShuffle (Link below), coolest place to discover new music check it out when you can and her vocals reminded me of FROU FROU
Her name FRIDA SUNDEMO, a Scandinavian Songstress in chill music and this track NEON is a good way to unwind from the hot and dusty (the current weather in Lagos, Nigeria) day resuming at work or school as the case maybe.

Enjoy 🙂

Image Credit : sheBops.com
Discovered on: INDIESHUFFLE


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