Midweek Music: Strength of a Thousand Men

Hi guys 😀 and how was your Wednesday like? Spent it at home regaining my strength and catching up on the viz world, i digress. I promised a track from a widely renowned Trailer music/ Epic Music group; Two Steps From Hell and the track is Strength of a Thousand Men. The group is an American production music company based in California, USA. Name the block-buster movie and they probably feature on the movie soundtrack i.e X-Men, 300, Harry Porter, Pirates of the Carribean e.t.c
 To be honest it was tough, i have Five (5) of their albums and lots of favorites but i had to choose…sigh. So i picked a track that always puts fire to my feet (figuratively speaking), you listen to it and the epic movie 300 comes to mind.

Relax and enjoy 🙂

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