WPC: Tiny Beauties

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Sometimes its nice to look a bit closer to the ground and appreciated the smaller things that are just out of sight.
This week I peeked closer at the millions of wispy wild flowers that make fields. they may be tiny but oh they are pretty 🙂 in their own fleeting way.
Inspired by
WPC: Tiny


3 thoughts on “WPC: Tiny Beauties

  1. Oh yes! One time, I climbed a very tall (14,000 ft.) mountain in Colorado and as I went along I found over 100 beautiful tiny flowers all different. I started collecting them before I learned it was against the law to do so, but I couldn’t help at how very tiny they were and all gloriously unique and this was on one mountain only!


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