Storm Clouds 2 by rubys polaroid

WPC: Chaos in the Skies

Howdy folks 🙂

and welcome to the November of Dreams.

The inspiration was Chaos and so i picked 2 shots taken just before a fierce rain storm in Lagos. The winds where literally howling when i ran out with my camera, everyone would probably have been running for cover while i ran out into the biting wind just to take pics….Oh the irony *covers face*
Chaos is a good word to describe the cloud-play at that time, layers upon layers of dark clouds i half expected the clouds to form into horses and charge down to earth (my imagination really does fly sometimes). Yes, i did in fact do an Infra-red Photo Conversion, to add more to the drama and give it a different look. What do you think of the Infra-red look and have you ever run the opposite way in a situation just to get an interesting shot, drop a comment if you have 😀

This week’s inspiration is courtesy of WPC: Chaos (check the link for other awesome entries for the challenge) and see you on Monday for my Natural Monday post. Ciao!!!



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