Natural Monday: Up at Night

Merry Monday to you 🙂
This weekend has been really loooonnnggg…how you might ask, it started last week Tuesday *LOL*. Lucky me right.
If you live in a country like Nigeria you’ll know that the Ramadan Festivities take 2 days (Official Holidays) but this year they added an extra day so instead of Tues & Wed it became Tues, Wed and Thur….and well Friday became half day 😀
So now i’m refreshed and ready for the 2nd half of the year. How was your weekend by the way?
Today i’ll be doing a TRIPLE Post, I will combine 2 WPC posts and my Natural Monday post into 1, with a single picture
…this is where the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words come in.

Its a night-time shot of the Moon aligned with 2 street lights, this wasn’t planned but it turned out pretty well. 


P.S – Check the links for other submissions to the challenges

Full moon by rubys polaroid
Full moon

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