Natural Monday: Deep Pink

Pink Bougainvillea by rubys polaroid

Today i feel a bout of PINK coming on 😀 . How was your first weekend of July?
A Muslim holiday is coming up soon so i’m in a good mood.  Pink Bougainvillea

3 thoughts on “Natural Monday: Deep Pink

  1. Enjoying your photography and one of our national holidays, July 4. That was a date of birth in 1776 of the writing of great principles declaring rights for all mankind and was followed later by a Constitution unsurpassed in the implementation of that Declaration of Independence. It has gotten us through more than two hundred years with improvement of living conditions previously impossible to attain. Working through universal flawed humanity, we and other nations have freedoms for all; to speak, to vote, to worship in our own way, equality for both sexes and all races … It is a great day, but, in all human existence, there is room for improvement, and it is in progress. Consider and compare human conditions under the tyrannical conditions of the seventeenth century and before. Much more needs to be accomplished, and that is achieved by hearing all the voices raised in reason and understanding of basic principles for humanity. No tyranny, monarchy, “ism”, dictatorship, or religion will provide that, because human beings are in them all.


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