Can You Spare Me Something, Lady?

Little Beggar Girl by rubys polaroid

Hmmmmm…this week’s challenge not so easy but hey that’s the fun part 🙂 . The challenge this week as dictated by the WPC is SPARE, use your words or pictures to show your understanding.

I decided to browse through my library of shots waiting for something to pop out screaming this word….and the result is above. The outstretched hand of a young girl’s small brown hands, with her big black eyes and eager face. She wanted something from me, anything I could Spare.
I caught this moment just as the traffic lights turned green, we shared a quiet moment before the world sped up. She must have seen this a thousand times rowdy yellow bus honks, and super slicked cars rushing her by ignoring her existence at the roadside.
…….Can you spare me something?
…….Would you, given the chance?
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P.S – if you don’t know what a yellow bus in Lagos looks like, you can see them here- Yellow City


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