Pet - Archie 5 by rubys polaroid

Face of a Lost Friend

Hi guys, it’s been a loo…….ng while since I last posted. Sigh. Well I recently changed from ex-student to worker so a lot time re-ordering was in order 😀 .

Yeah, that’s a huge change and so there’s my short story about my long absence from blogging. Missed it terribly cause it was one of the prime forces which pushed me to go out and take pics.

 Anywho last weekend WPC threw out the challenge of FACE. Capture a face that tells a story not limited to humans. It took awhile to put this together but its finally done.
It’s always a joy to own a pet and see it grow, with you step by step. It’s never easy to say goodbye but it has to be done one day, so I’m happy for the 11years. Everything has its time I guess.  He was quite camera shy but I still got my shots 🙂
Enjoy my little memoir of a friend who’s gone.
Have a wonderful week ahead 😀


  1. that’s really a sad loss and I hope you can live from the wonderful memories you have. We lost our cat after 18 years and still think of her a lot. It takes some time to get over it. all the best to you.

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