Last Natural Monday of 2015: Blooms and Wasps


Merry Christmas In Arrears.

*And i hit the 500 WordPress Followers Mark last week 😀 😀 *

Now that I’ve duly said my Seasons Greetings 😀 , how is the Last Monday of 2015 faring for you?
Right now everyone is a in a furious rush to tidy up this outgoing year, buy any last minute gifts and hampers for the New Year. I, myself have been less than prepared with my blog as I’ve actually not had a post since last upper week Friday.
*lots of things happening in the background, my sincerest apologies*

Today i’ll be sharing my last flower images for 2015 and hopefully next week i’ll forage through my stats and post my most popular images on my blog for 2015. 😀

What are your thoughts?

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