Aviary Lines

The art of photography and arts in general follow certain rules, most people are aware of Lighting, Composition e.t.c. Composition is very important to photography as it’s what defines beauty, a poorly composed picture or art would make little or no impact.  There are so many schools of thought on this but at the heart of all these theories lie a simple rule; The Rule of Thirds.
The Rule of Thirds stipulates that

“an image is most pleasing when its subjects or regions are composed along imaginary lines which divide the image into thirds — both vertically and horizontally.”

Most great photos follow this guideline but sometimes breaking the rules, makes for great photography.
I crept on a very flighty Spur-wing, there seems to be a flock close to my house as i see lots every morning and evening. I shot through the bars of a house fence as it walked away on the wall.
WordPress Photo Challenge this week is themed GRIDS.

What are your thoughts?

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