Caterpillar and leaf 2 by rubys polaroid

Caterpillar: In Progress

Good morning peeps, Happy New Month πŸ˜€ . August is here with a bang and am sure my northerly friends will soon say goodbye to summer, being the 8th month it has lots of meanings.

Did You Know:

Caterpillars signify Potential or Transformation as
they are a mid-stage to the beauties we know as Butterflies πŸ˜€ .
They also symbolize Luck, sensitivity,
creativity, renewal, promise.

My photo collage today is on Caterpillars. Everyone knows their friendly munching face, sometimes friend or foe depending on if you keep a garden.



    1. Thanks K’lee πŸ˜€ *wink* ….and dragonflies remind you of Crimson. πŸ™‚ . Been working on my writing skills, maybe am ready now to expand on your ideas. Check out my writing blog

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    1. They are really beautiful, but you can look at it from this angle. Its not the length of life that matters but how beautifully you have lived it.
      Am sure you’ll agree they do live sweet beautiful lives.

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