Fashion: Monochrome Hues

FINALLY, here’s my first post on my fashion photography stint for a dear fashion blogger friend.
Here’s a link to her blog:  IMPERFECT VERBALISTA.

Her blogging name is Imperfect Verbalista, a good friend from my University days. We met in B.Sc, have been friends since. I got a little request from her awhile back to take shots for her blog, she was a fan of my blog and also of my Instagram shots.
So, background story. Check.
This was my intro shoot (2 dresses in this shoot, for 2 blog posts), we’ve done 2 others since then. I’ll post as i am able to. I picked my favorites of the many shots. To see the others, click the blog post links.

Peruse and tell me what you think, i’ll be waiting in the comments.

Here’s a link to the blog post: ForTheLoveOfMonochromaticHues: Masked Black


Here’s a link to the blog post: #TBT: All White + Gray “Errthang”


What are your thoughts?

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