Lizard Up Close by rubys polaroid

Reptile Close Up

Macro shots is this weekend’s theme, Macro in photography denotes nice big close-ups of itsy-bitsy things. The little details our human eyes might never see are exposed by artificial lens.
I would typically do a flower muse but not today. I went in the search of the weird and got pretty cool shots šŸ˜€ , this lizard just finished a little battle and was resting when i stumbled on him. My once in an Orange Moon chance to get cool shots of these fast critters.
Here’s a link to the WPC Post to see more cool entries – CLOSE- UP.
Interestingly enough i have a whole section for Dragonflies, especially colourful like in their post. You can check them out here

Weird but True Lizard Facts

Some lizards cry bloody tears. TRUE.
Texas Horned Lizards, also called Horned Toads, defend themselves by puffing up and ejecting a small amount of blood from the inner corner of each eye to confuse predators.

Collared Lizards run on their hind legs like T-Rex. TRUE.
When startled, they rear up and run on two legs.

Lizards are found everywhere on earth except the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Facts courtesy –Ā



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