Forces of Nature: Rain Storm

Its not often you get to experience a rain storm from a distance, Mother Nature in all her windy fury painted the horizon in colours fit for a great painting of a storm. The Rainy Season just started in Lagos so i’ll be experiencing this first hand soon. Cold and Wet is not my favourite feeling but its always a respite from the highs of the heat.
Inspired by WPC This week themed: FORCES OF NATURE


4 thoughts on “Forces of Nature: Rain Storm

  1. it is the rainy season here – I took photos of our rain storm yesterday afternoon in hopes that I could convert them into a “forces of nature” post but I have had other ideas pop up – I really like your photos. They catch the essence of the forces of nature. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. Thanks Claywatkins đŸ™‚ ,hearing the thunder and seeing the rain so far out I grabbed my cam to get shots.
      You have a wonderful weekend ahead as well.


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