Short Story Prompt From Ruby8: The Crimson Dragonfly

Beautiful things come from joining minds even over great distances. My blogging friend K’Lee of Obzervashunal, was so inspired by a post of mine on Dragonflies that he asked for a prompt, this is the Inspirational PostThis jewel of a story is the fruit. How do you see it?
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red, flowers, exotic,  nature endings begat beginnings…

A short while ago, Ruby8 provided me with a writing prompt.She was kind enough to allow me to simply write what showed up in my head, all based on the opening italicized sentences you’ll see at the beginning of the story.

Without further ado, I give you, ‘Crimson Dragonfly:


A short story by K’lee L. based on a prompt by Ruby8

Vivid blood in the streets, this beautiful imperial city beats its fragile wings toward redemption. Will she survive this revolution that taints her dragonfly wings crimson?

“Lady N’dala, you cannot stay here. If Lord Chindrat, or any of his warriors were to find you in the Dream Palace-

“I do not fear Chindrat, his hell hounds, or any of the others seeking to eradicate my family’s legacy in Minnshassa. He has my mother, father, and young brother under house arrest, but trust me, he…

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