Crimson Dragonfly

Red as Crimson, Delicate as the air.
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18 thoughts on “Crimson Dragonfly

      1. I could be up for the challenge! I tend to write mosty in the realms of science fiction and or fantasy. How about you provide the prompt and I’ll write you a story?

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          1. Hi K’lee, Here is your prompt.

            Crimson Dragonfly

            Vivid blood in the streets, this beautiful imperial city beats it’s fragile wings towards redemption.
            Will she survive this revolution that taints her dragonfly wings crimson.

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          2. Hi, Ruby! I’m just finding your prompt as I type this. I’ve got a single question: Do I incorporated the words you’ve written, as in making them the opening words, or build a wholly new story from the vibe and imagery of your words?
            By the way, what you’ve written is sensational…

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