5 Ways I’m Going to Upgrade My Blog

This is a special post dedicated strictly to get your thoughts on my blog as well as know what you think will be a good addition (or subtraction).I created 5 easy questions to sample your likes and thoughts, you can also add any other great ideas with your comments. Thanks alot guys, I’m eagerly awaiting the results and intend to share as well as brainstorm on the comments.

3. What kind of photography feature would you like to see on my blog?

4. If guest blogging was open would you be interested?

5. What are your thoughts on a city photo feature based on mobile shots taken on the streets?




8 thoughts on “5 Ways I’m Going to Upgrade My Blog

  1. it seems to me what’s in has to come out and the best way to get it out is to let it flow naturally and not constrain it with the desires and needs of others? If you want to do some street work, do it. If you see an interesting beetle and want to spend an hour or so photographing it do it. If you set off to do some street work and see a beetle do you stop to photograph it or ignore the beetle because people who read your blog prefer your street work? …. πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks Lucile, I’ll be greatly honoured if you did a guest post on my blog. I’m just starting to curate shots from the streets, when I curate good amount of composed shots then I’ll start the series. Hope it meets your high expectations.
      Hmmm portraiture has not been my forte sadly, I’m just too shy to walk up to people to take their pics. Sorry Lucile I wouldn’t be able to add that anytime soon except I get over my shyness πŸ˜€

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