Mind Series VI: Racing Home

My thoughts as i sped homeward from camp.

Racing Home

Dusk falls, I’m speeding home bound
120km per hour fast, zipping between cars and tankers alike
Quarry after quarry passed, I count the kilometres between
Each a landmark in my mind
Bringing home closer, he speeds almost with an abandon
Maybe with more desire than i
Tower after radio tower,
the only links to the outside world on this snake like road through the forest
Sigh, at last glimpses of Lagos

A city I love to hate, a worn metaphor but one more apt than most
This beast grows on you, the noise, the hustle, the night life
3wks away and a whiff is all I need to be well
Another landmark passed, 20km to Lagos
looking up at the orange sky, the disc of light races with me
Keeping abreast, seeming motionless when look up through the glass
This snaking road swivels it from side to side
So akin to the disco ball of night
Will I get home before it rolls down beyond the horizon
That is what I muse on staring at the black road
I enter into its heart as the clouds go ink black and the orange city lights awaken
I’ve lost this battle but never the war
Toll another day, another journey
My familiar paths illuminated in yellow
The bleeps of car horns, slow crawl of the first traffic grind
I’m home.



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