2015 in High Resolution

To start off, sorry about this post coming late. Not my usual style to not have it drafted and scheduled but when I sat down to think through my expectations for this year would be, it was gonna be a pretty long list.

I guess the older you get the more complicated your little lists become (Santa doesn’t warn you about things like this ). Anyway this my New Year Resolution List and I hope it all works out for good 😀


2015 in High Resolution

  • To expand the reach of my blog ( Duh), by increasing my wordpress following to 2000 (yes, this is lofty but that’s why it is in High Resolution 😀 )
  • To get a great photography teacher so I can reach higher and do more awesome shots (LEMANSHOTS inspired this)
  • Be more free and more creative so my blog content grows as well as following.
  • Win a notable photography competition this year ( hmmm this ain’t gonna be easy)
  • To start on the idea of commercialisation (it’s never too early to start, and with a great teacher and awesome equipment, this will be possible) 🙂
  • To write a sci-fi novel. This is a dream that hopefully would be completed this year.
  • Lastly but not the least in anyway, to start being happy with the little steps I make every day towards my dreams and hopefully learn a little more patience along the way 🙂

And with this little(complicated) list of mine, I start the year. How is your list this year going or have you even got a list?



What are your thoughts?

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