Fresh Perspectives

A New Year, a  new look. I’m in town scouting for a new theme for my blog for 2015, As you have probably noticed I have changed to a new theme. Your comments on the new theme is very much welcome in terms of navigation and post previews.

I’m still searching for my perfect theme (if there really is something like that 🙂 ), so I’m throwing this out there and see if any other ideas could come up.
As i run a Photoblog, a new theme that showcases my photos in wide screen will be super-appreciated and it should be free 🙂 .

Browsing through the wordpress theme store i realised i couldnt do this by myself as there are literally hundreds of themes and even then sorting through the select for photoblogs is hard. Any suggestions/comments would be most welcome.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Perspectives

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