and i’m back…yes it’s a corny title

Bird Act by rubys polaroid

Hello blog world….im back πŸ™‚ . yes I know it’s overrated and corny but it’s simple. I left my confines to another elaborate confine, to meet different people, to hear different languages and to in the words of our custodians ‘ Understand patriotism’ or some form of it.

I went for a mandatory 3week orientation exercise for NYSC (National Youth Service Corps).
It forced me away from my world of gadgetry, and into a regimented lifestyle and Time management 101.
I met some people I know I would never come across in several lifetimes and of course I kept my promise of taking pictures everyday.
Oh I saw some awesome ruby red sunsets, and misty mornings with the surrounding hills eclipsing the sun.
After this experience I am in need of a camera upgrade, definitely I do.
Landscape photography is no easy task.
oh yes, I wrote a lot as well, more than I expected. Snatching moments during the day to put my run away thoughts up into cyberspace.
I’ll start my regular posting with this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, hoping it’s a theme I would enjoy. I’m warming up to the idea of an e-book compilation of my best posts. Tell me what you think in your comments, can’t wait to see other ideas.
I’ll I say it again, it great to be back in the blogspere :).


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