Mind Series IV: Maybe, Maybe

pink bloom 2 by rubys polaroid

To commentate my birthday which is today….Yippee for me. i am doing a double post today, one on pink blossoms and one on poetry.
This muse was inspired by I’ve Got Lyrics Challenge .

The song i wrote my poem on is Maybe by London Grammar. Enjoy.

Maybe, Maybe

Staring into the blank darkness
I can sense you
Sleeping softly
I feel my heart flutter, weakly
Reminded of the inevitable
The separation, blade like
Time’s ultimate weapon
Against which there is no defence
Clenching my fitful heartbeat
With a mindful grip
I ceaselessly command the tendril pain to stop
Hateful reminding myself, it always happens
Time always strikes at the Peak,
Using elation to numb the pain
A fleeting anaesthetic,
Filled with nothing but myopic happiness
Blinding one to the immediate loss
if only,
If only I really felt that way
Maybe, my humanity will be undoubted
The silent, steady beat of my heart
Tells me otherwise
My heart, strung and controlled
Wished it could, maybe even
Fleetingly feel that empty elation
Maybe one day
Turning away, my mind jeers
A laughter, aptly true


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