Mind Series III: On The Edge

yellow crossing by rubyspolaroid
My mind wanders, staring at the rising sun reminiscing on various seemingly flighty thoughts and experiences. This is just one of them.
Big red rolling giants, swaying with speed
The little yellow hares dart between nimble and speedy
The steady green tortoise, sure footed, lofty and on time
All 3 creatures racing on this black liquid highway that feeds my town
with life, the ceaseless faceless lanes ever moving, ever constant
Sitting in a shifty yellow hare today,
My reward is a face full of gritty dust, loud swears and a sweaty seat grip.
The din of traffic on a 28C sunny Saturday morning
does nothing for my ebbing time
The vice shepherd of my nifty hare decided to be as a deaf man,
with a sneer for his roused and angry charges.
Money always brings out the best in all men is my thought
as I stare at the escalating chaos
As though a golden apple was tossed, a flash of fists and our little hare grinds to a halt
The only two quiet souls in the Hare, glance into each others eyes.
Sharing for a second a secret smile, a knowing twinkle and the thought ‘ Here we go again’.
Welcome, welcome to the edge of the giant Lagos, home to all and sundry,
vices and virtue neck to neck under the blistering sun
and haze of earth brown road dust.
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