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Mind Series II: Me

Pearly Monday morning greets us today with a flash thought from my mind.
Read and enjoy.


The acronym ME (mental entity) sometimes does describe me,
I think and am mostly lost in thought.
Sometimes I remember my train of thought most times I don’t,
not because I can’t but because I realise those where flights of fantasy.
To be intellectual and cynical is sometimes it’s own comfort,
you realise and defend against the obvious that the average seek to deny.
The mind is a beautiful gem, those who can’t appreciate it shouldn’t go rummaging through it.
I pass off to most people as the quiet girl who doesn’t say much,
it’s all a bid to protect my mind from
mediocre of normality that is anything but sane.
As with every inspired and driven mind there is always the insistent fear
that this mind would not achieve what it’s driven towards,
forever in thought never actually achieving.
My only real and mental fear,
it’s something that time can only tell and tell at its best.
– Ruby

A link to a previous post in the series, MIND SERIES 01.



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