In-Between worlds by rubys polaroid

NG Cover Page

My idea for this cover page was the thought provoking news feature i watched on the disappearance of the world’s wildlife population by more than 50% in the space of less than 50 years.

Its unprecedented that this is real and happening, it got me thinking if the wildlife diminishes beyond a certain point at what point do we seize to become a sustainable species? A balance exists between man and his environment, taking out the environment
leaves man with what?

I  modified a previous post for this challenge, here is the POST.
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NG Cover page
NG Cover page


  1. Outstanding cover! It’s a frightening idea, but like the polar ice caps and the ozone layer, mankind is sending this planet into an imbalanced state I don’t believe we can rectify.

    Somewhere down the line, perhaps these loses represent inevitable planetary happenings… possibly the next phase in man’s ‘evolution’?


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