City of Yellow

Colours are our entire world, this little blue wet rock would be dead without the vivid hues and colours that surround us. Be it in the dark blues of moonlit nights to the warm yellow of signs and noisy buses, it makes us who we are.

Read a poem about colours recently which made me appreciate my sight all the more. Maybe its all in my mind. Read the inspiring post HERE.

Yellow is symbolic in Lagos, from the noisy buses to the crossings that bear the trodden yellow. Its a vivid colour that can’t be ignored, how does Yellow affect your world. Tell me all about it in your comments.


10 thoughts on “City of Yellow

  1. Great site, RubyR8 and thanks for the like on my site!

    The color yellow takes me back to me being with my mother going to get my first bike! I was ten or so and remember the entire morning as if it were yesterday. Of late what stands out in my mind is me and my mother walking home. She was careful of me the entire time, not letting me ride while we were near traffic. I understood the danger as I wasn’t a great rider just yet. I was happy to walk, to admire everything about the bike.

    Once we finally turned onto our street, my mother turned to me and said, “OK”. Initially I was excited to take off, but immediately felt guilty for leaving my mother behind…

    As many mothers do, mine understood my boyish desire to ride, to be free. I remember her laughing at my indecision and concern while telling me it was alright to go ahead and enjoy the bike, a yellow bike.

    To this day, many years later, my mother has left this earth, but my love for cycling remains with me. My current road bike is silver with four yellow decals… a reminder for sure…


    1. Firstly, Thanks for the site thumbs up *grin*. I have a similar memory of my first bike but it was RED, glittering red with black stripes and I got it on my birthday. I fell alot off that bike tho. Good memories, memories unlocked by the act of seeing a colour.

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      1. It’s a beautiful thing to have memories like these. I cling to them these days for the power they have to keep me going, to keep my focus, and to keep the faith I still have more to do and can do it thanks to the woman who gave me that yellow bike…


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